International Exhibition for Bakery, Confectionery Products, Technologies and Machinery

Take Your Place in the Central Asian Market with a Population of 75 Million

20-22 November 2024

Uzbekistan Bakery Expo: Get the Opportunities in a Fresh Market

Uzbekistan Bakery Expo marks a significant milestone in the culinary landscape, offering a unique platform to explore fresh opportunities in the thriving market. As the event unfolds, participants will have the chance to engage with industry leaders, discover innovative baking technologies, and establish valuable connections with key players in the sector.

Join us at Uzbekistan Bakery Expo and seize the opportunities that await in this exciting and burgeoning market. Whether you are an established player or a newcomer, this event is your gateway to success in the Uzbekistan bakery industry.

What Awaits You at the Exhibition

We invite all interested participants to this exciting fair, which is expected to be a significant event in the field of bread and confectionery production technologies and equipment in the region.


Meet Uzbekistan's Leading Sector Leaders and Local Businesses

Information Exchange

Consult with experts to understand the dynamics of the local market and assess potential business opportunities

Introductions to New Technologies

Make an impactful entry into the market by introducing your new products to a large audience


Increase your trade opportunities by collaborating with local distributors and importers


Professional Visitors: · Industry Wholesalers · Import Companies · Investors


The opportunity to reach the right buyer through importer screening with a company-specific HS code.

Product Category

Wide Product Range: · Machinery · Equipment and Technologies · and more...

Buyer Delegation Program

Customized buyer delegation program featuring manufacturers and importers


Professional local and international industry speakers

Marketing Campaigns

Outdoor/Indoor Advertisement

25+ Billboard, Roll-up, Poster


350+ VIP Invitations
15,000+ Invitation Distribution


120+ Website Advertisement

Call Center

5,000+ Calls

SMS, WhatsApp

20,000+ Message

Email Marketing

60,000+ Email Sending

Social Media Campaign

250+ Facebook, Telegram, Google Advertisement


Matching with Potential Buyers According to HS Code

Product Groups

Bakery Machines
Chocolate and Confectionery Machines
Food Processing Machines
Patisserie Products and Equipment
Bakery Equipment
Cooking Equipment
Coolers and Refrigerators
Raw Materials and Food Ingredients
Packaging Materials and Machines
Industrial Kitchen Equipment